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Some thoughts on mental health from our Director of Care & Support Audrey Burrows.
World Mental Health Day 2013 is focusing on mental health and older people. Older people, as with the rest of the population, need to feel happy and secure in their homes and communities to maintain and promote mental well health. 
Ageing well in physical and mental health is a right for all but not always experienced for various reasons. Older people can achieve this by having easy access to good quality health care. I advocate seeking support from the right people at the right time if someone is feeling isolated or has health issues the GP, Dentist, Pharmacist  or Chiropodist to name but a few can provide early support for a range of minor issues which if untreated could potentially escalate. 
Throughout my career I have seen how early interventions can prevent chronic conditions developing which could impact on the mental and physical health and wellbeing of individuals.
We all know that having a sense of belonging to family, friends and community and being connected ensures we are active, but this also helps prevent feelings of isolation and loneliness which in turn can reduce the risk of low mood and depression.
 I am a great believer that exercise is for all no matter what age and the importance of regular exercise cannot be emphasised enough as it vital to keeping body and mind in good shape. Endorphins sometimes called the “happy hormones” are released through exercise leaving a sense of wellbeing with an individual even after only 10 minutes of exercise.
Feeling safe and secure in one’s own home  and free from abuse of any sort is so important for older people to maintain their wellbeing. This also prevents   anxiety enabling them to live at home for as long as possible and that is what after all most people want. At Trinity we are proud that our services encourage independence and community involvement, with very positive outcomes.
In recognition of the invaluable contribution our older tenants make to shaping our services and their local communities Trinity Housing are supporting World Mental Health Day by holding events at our Sheltered Schemes, that are designed to maximise independent living with the benefits of a Co-ordinator for support and shared facilities for social events.
The focus of the events will be on the importance of physical activity and learning to maintain good mental health.

Audrey Burrows, Director of Care & Support