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Trinity HousingTrinity Housing is registered with the Department for Social Development; has charitable status and is registered under the Industrial & Provident Societies Act (NI). It is also a member of the Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations.

Being a Registered Housing Association with the Department for Social Development enables the Association to apply for Grants from the Government towards the purchase of land and development of homes in approved schemes. The Association obtains private funding for the remainder of the cost. Rents are the Associations only other source of income.

Family HousingThe rent setting policy of Trinity Housing aims to:

  • Generate sufficient rental income required of it to meet all relevant costs including repairs, maintenance, management, loan costs and a small allowance made for empty properties.
  • Set rental charges which will be affordable to applicants and tenants representing good value for money and falling within Housing Benefit levels, where possible.

Trinity Housing allocates its properties in accordance with the Common Selection Scheme, which is approved by Department for Social Development. The scheme has been devised to be fair and open, to offer applicants choice in where they want to live.

Following the successful completion of your one year introductory tenancy, as a tenant of Trinity Housing you have security of tenure. This means that your tenancy cannot be ended without application to the Courts. Such action would only be taken in very exceptional circumstances such as deliberate non-payment of rent and only after having taken every opportunity to resolve the problem with you. The full grounds on which the Association can apply to the court to recover possession of a property are contained in Housing Order (NI) 1983 and your Tenancy Agreement.


Category 2 Sheltered Housing Schemes

Sheltered Housing is a group of unfurnished dwellings, specially designed with the needs of older or disabled people in mind. It aims to provide convenient and comfortable accommodation in a setting which allows tenants to come and go as they please, yet provides a degree of underlying security.

Tenants in sheltered housing are encouraged to make friends and to share a wider social life through the use of the, communal facilities such as a common room, hairdressing room, reading and hobbies room ,laundry room and a guest room is also available.

An important factor in sheltered housing is the presence of a Scheme Co-ordinator whose office and/or home are linked by an alarm system to every tenant’s dwelling. Thus in an emergency, such as sudden illness or after a fall, a tenant can quickly get assistance.

Category 1 Schemes for the Elderly

These developments consist of unfurnished bungalows and apartments, specially designed for the needs of older people.

A 24 hour 'lifeline' telephone unit can be linked to every tenants dwelling on request, to provide emergency assistance if required.

General Needs Accommodation

Our General Needs schemes accommodates families and single persons.

Supported Schemes

The Association is involved in a number of initiatives for people experiencing learning difficulties or mental health problems, who require additional support.  The support is provided in partnership with other agencies who have specialist experience.  For example Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE), all recently formed Health & Social Care Trusts and for the provision of specialist care and support, Praxis Care (NI’s largest and leading voluntary charitable care organisation).