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From 10th June 2013 Trinity Housing( as part of the Apex Procurement Group) have entered into a new Response Maintenance Contract with Maurice Flynn & Sons.     This measured term contract will conver trades such as building, electrical and plumbing repairs along with boiler servicing and undertaking adaptation work.  The contract will run for 31 months and will cover all of Trinity Housing's properties throughout Northern Ireland.  Other housing associations involved in the contract are Filor, Flax, Grove, Newington and St. Matthews.

The benefits of this type of contract to the Association are, by adopting a group approach and unifying with three other Associations, we can secure lower prices to have work carried out, we also enjoy the benefits of a team approach to problem solving, and have the security of knowing that we employ the services of an experienced and resourced "one stop shop" company dedicated to response type maintenance work which ultimately results in a better service for our tenants.

January of 2009 saw the introduction of the Association's first direct labour operation. The introduction of this mobile service has enabled the Association to greatly improve the condition of its properties and allow a greater flexibility in responding to the needs of its tenants. This service has  attracted wide spread praise from the tenants.

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