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Welfare Reform
      The Government in Westminster has introduced wide ranging changes to the benefit system in the rest of Great Britain. The Northern Ireland Assembly is currently discussing the proposed changes to the benefits system which may lead to the changes being introduced in Northern Ireland. This section of our website sets out how these changes may affect you if they are introduced.
      Three main changes to the Benefit system have been confirmed. These change may affect you and your family. These changes are- 
·        Bedroom Tax (Social Sector Size Criteria) to commence 2013
·        Benefit Cap to be introduced in 2013
·        Universal Credit to be introduced April 2014
        Trinity Housing is currently conducting surveys with our tenants to gather information which may be useful for the proposed welfare reform changes. Our records can only be updated when you provide the necessary information. Once we have updated your records we can then provide you with more accurate information on how much you will have to pay towards your rent should the proposed changes be introduced to Northern Ireland. 
       The surveys will also help us to establish the number of people living in your home. Tenants who may face deductions in their Housing Benefit may wish to consider moving to smaller accommodation where Housing Benefit could cover the full rent for that property. Trinity Housing will not encourage you to move from your home if you do not wish to. Other tenants may want to remain in their larger accommodation and pay the amount deducted from their Housing Benefit.
        If you would like to speak to us about the proposed Welfare Reform legislation please contact our dedicated staff member, Fiona Kelly, on 02890 690 250. Alternatively further advice may be available from the following links
        Citizens Advice Bureau http://www.citizensadvice.co.uk
HomeSwapper www.homeswapper.co.uk
Council for the Homesless Northern Ireland http://www.chni.org.uk
NI Direct Government Services http://nidirect.gov.uk/
Northern Ireland Housing Executive http://nihe.gov.uk/welfare_reform
        Please note that Trinity Housing will keep its tenants informed of any updates and changes throughout the whole process of Welfare Reform.